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Welcome to BSG Training & Consulting, Inc.


BSG Training & Consulting, Inc. provides customized and commercial software training services, call center development and management services, consulting services, project management and business services in a variety of operational disciplines.




Company Profile

BSG, Inc. is certified by the City of Chicago, Illinois as an MBE and WBE firm providing training, project management, call center and consulting services.  We have been in business over 15 years providing service for corporate, city and state governments.

Typical projects include:  

bulletTraining on customized computer software systems for utility management, billing and customer service
bulletTraining on commercial software products
bulletDevelopment of training manuals and materials
bulletManagement and development of call center activities including pre-collection and customer services
bulletData entry projects
bulletOther business related services to municipal and government agencies, and corporate entities

Mattie D. Blair is President and Chief Executive Officer of BSG Training and Consulting, Inc.  She attended Northwestern and Roosevelt Universities where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.  Ms. Blair also has a Master's degree (MBA) in Finance and Personnel Administration from De Paul University.

Ms. Blair has extensive experience in finance, public accounting, project management, operational analysis and contract administration in the corporate and government sectors.  She has held positions as Managing Commissioner for the City of Chicago, Senior Auditor with Arthur Anderson, Deputy Inspector General for the Chicago Housing Authority, and Chief Financial Officer for a subsidiary of a major hair products company.

Contact information:  
2416 South Michigan Avenue
          Suite 200
          Chicago, IL  60616-2302
General Information: mblair@bsg-inc.cc

Webmaster:  lauren@bsg-inc.cc